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The Luberon is a lovely corner of Provence in the beautiful south of France. The region is unique in that it is located inside the Luberon Natural Regional Park, and is therefore protected. In this issue, we visit ancient hilltop villages and outdoor markets teeming with delightful local produce and artisan items. I show you where to find the area's most delicious French cuisine, where to sleep in charming boutique hotels and explore the gorgeous Provençal countryside. Peek into historic castles, meet artists and hoteliers and savor the rich colors and flavors in this beloved "heart of Provence."

Issue No 8

The Luberon

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Portugal tantalizes with its rich history, delicious food and wine culture, warm people, incredible landscapes, architecture and art, and so much more.

Issue No 7

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Santa Fe, New Mexico... A rich history of Native Americans and Spanish colonizers led to a fusion of cultures and a unique cuisine with the revered chile as the star of the show. The stunning desert landscapes drew artists and writers and continues to do so, as one can see by the wide variety of galleries and sheer quantity of art available (the second largest art market in the US after New York). Join me on this journey to beautiful Santa Fe!

Issue No 6

Santa Fe

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Jewels on Orange County’s coast, Newport and Laguna attract throngs of holiday-makers. With so many great places to play, eat and shop, there’s something for everyone. It’s easy to stay on the surface, enjoying the hot spots, but there is more in these coastal towns than meets the eye. In this issue I take a deep dive into Laguna’s art scene, introducing you to a handful of very talented artists who produce a wide variety of unique and interesting pieces of art. Get to know a Newport-based interior designer, known and loved for her casual California coast vibe. I hope you enjoy The Artist Issue of The Loaded Trunk!

Issue No 5

Orange County

Cradled in Utah's Wasatch Mountains, Park City is inspiring on so many levels. It attracts adventure-seekers from all over the world who love to play and live in the great outdoors. Since moving to Utah more than six years ago, I've bee fortunate to explore these mountains and I've become inspired by the abundant nature and beauty in the changing seasons, as well as by the talents artisans and small business owners who call Park City home. I hope you feel inspired by the people, places and images within these pages!

Issue No 4

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Park City

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Morocco, perched on the northwest tip of Africa, directly south of Spain, is an exotic fusion of Berber, Arabian, and European influences with a fascinating history. The Red City of Marrakesh lies in western Morocco. Marrakesh is a feast for all the senses.

Issue No 3


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Sweden is an aesthetic's DREAM journey! Gorgeous seaside villages, long sun-drenched days, lovely green countryside and wildflowers, endless strings of picturesque islands, great museums, beautiful architecture, and so much more! 

Issue No 2


My hometown where I was born and raised runs deep in my blood, as my ancestors traveled to its dense forests in the very early days via the Oregon Trail. I love returning to visit and always go with an appetite so I can enjoy eating my way through the city, known for its fantastic food culture, abundance of locally grown and foraged delights and innovative chefs. Spring is a great time to visit Portland, as the entire city is in bloom. Everywhere you look is a visual feast of lush green with a riot of flowers.

Issue No 1


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