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As Jonna puts it, "I’m fascinated by other countries, cultures and customs and find travel to be exhilarating and fulfilling. Nature is my siren song. I’m an avid hiker and road trip warrior."
Born from a passion project, The Loaded Trunk  has since grown into the robust magazine it is today. The Loaded Trunk  is a magazine for collectors and curators of all cultures. It is an inclusive community where art aficionados can discover, embrace, learn, collect, and  connect. Have a look around!

Editor-in-chief and Interior Designer Jonna Robison has been enamored with cultures, design, and travel all her life. Soon after marrying her sweetheart Rich, he  was offered an exciting work opportunity overseas, leading them to embark on a life adventure to Asia. It was there that they started a family of 3 daughters and lived for more than 18 years in Hong Kong and Singapore. They traveled extensively throughout Asia and around the world, creating beautiful homes and collecting art, antiques and textiles. 

Cultures, Collectors, and Curators.

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Coastal Gems of Orange County

Spring/Summer 2021

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