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This world is chock full of curiosities and, being passionate travelers, we love to dive into a place on the map and hunt for exceptional finds, noteworthy places and unique experiences to share in the pages of your favorite travel magazine, The Loaded Trunk.

Flight Plan

The natural world has inspired artists, scientists and technology throughout history and inspires us all in one way or another. There’s something beautiful in nature in just about every place we go, whether to a lush garden, a verdant hike, a boat ride along a coastline or simply forest bathing. We love to experience these windows into nature and share them with you.

Inspired By Nature

There is a profusion of passionate artisans and creatives across the globe. We love to meet them and dig a little deeper, learning more about what they do, what inspires them and what makes them tick.

In the Workshop With...

We love savoring and sipping the food and drink of places near and far. Here, we share recipes inspired by a variety of cultures, local culinary artisans and the changing seasons.

Taste This

The thrill of the hunt and the discovery of treasures on our journeys always keeps us on the lookout for distinct objets d’art, including hand thrown pottery, vintage woven rugs, local art, hand forged knives, textiles and more. This is where we share the beauty and bounty of what we load into our travel trunks. Check out the shop for more special finds!

Bring It Home